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Ashleigh Di Lello

Founding Mynt Promoter

After five years of company work in ballet, jazz, and hip hop Ashleigh fell in love with ballroom dancing when she was twelve and soon became a DanceSport Junior Latin Champion and a U.S. Junior American Finalist. She has a special love and passion for dance that has come as a result of much trial and hardship.  At the age of thirteen she became very sick with a life-threatening illness that she would battle for the next four and a half years. She met with doctor after doctor searching for a cure. Most said she would die, they all said she would never dance again. Ashleigh assured each of them that she would not only live, but she would dance! After triumphing over this illness Ashleigh returned to dance and quickly surged to the top becoming a three-time DanceSport Amateur Latin Champion and a U.S. Amateur Latin Finalist.

Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello are Latin ballroom champions known for their guest performances on ABC’s DANCING WITH THE STARS and for being the first married couple to be voted all the way to the finals of the hit FOX show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. They were the stars of the Broadway show BURN THE FLOOR and Ryan is a current pro and season 3 champion of the Latin version of DANCING WITH THE STARS.