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Joe Jerde

Joe Jerde
Joe Jerde

Founding Mynt Promoter

Ever since joining the founding Mynt team, I’ve benefited in several ways throughout my life in a very short amount of time…

First, was getting the motivation to get back into shape using the CORE Challenge program provided to me through my Brand Promoter Success Kit. Become a product of your products!

Second, was getting out of the grips of a 9-5 job that was holding me back from my full income potential. There is nothing wrong with loving your 9-5. But like me, many of us are stuck in something where they’ve already met their income potential, and there just isn’t much more room for moving on up. With Mynt, the sky is the limit!

Third, is having the ability to help others and change their lives. There is nothing better than bringing on a new team member and helping them to build up a team of their own. That’s what this is about. We are a team and we all help each other by giving the right advice, tools, and training to help you build up your own Mynt business.

And lastly, it’s being part of a culture that is bigger than yourself, but not above yourself. Seeing the different #movemynts within the Mynt community is amazing. Mynt takes all that is negative out of Network Marketing, and replaces it with something positive and productive.