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Lance Conrad

Mynt Co-Founder

Prior to beginning my Network Marketing journey, I had 10 years experience in hiring, motivating, training employees and driving sales for companies including a fortune 500 company. I founded my own recruiting company in 2000 and spent 5 years as the President. I helped mentor and train 137 different entrepreneurs to launch recruiting companies and changed the way companies looked at recruiting. With all my business experience I still have never found a better business model than Network Marketing! I love the fact that the average person can have so much success in this industry and especially this company.

I joined my first company in September of 2008. It took me 1 year of very hard work to reach the highest level in that company. In 2008 and 2009 I sponsored more new people into my previous company (billion dollar network marketing company opened in over 50 countries) then any other distributor in the entire company. We joined Zija in 2011 and hit the diamond rank in 30 days, faster than anyone in the history of that company. We realized after our experiences in Nuskin and Zija that the industry needed to change, and join the 21st Century. We have never been so excited as to partner with MonaVie in the creation of Mynt. Our goal in Mynt is to revolutionize the MLM industry. We want to create a company that people are not only proud to be a part of but want to join the MoveMynt to make a difference in the world. My Business partner Rob and I are the first distributors in the history of Mynt to achieve Blue Diamond. We hit that goal in the first month of business and are only just beginning. We are looking for people that not only want to hit the top ranks in Networking, but want to become a part of the MoveMynt to revolutionize Network Marketing!