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Rob Sperry

Rob Sperry
Rob Sperry

Mynt Co-Founder

Prior to Network Marketing, Rob Sperry was a manager of a tennis club for 4 years. He was able to more than double the tennis club’s revenue in one year. He has coached a local high school tennis team to 8 state championships. Rob has also coached 5 woman’s league teams to top 17 finishes in the nation. Rob took that leadership and skill set of working with people/teams to apply it in Network Marketing. He creates teams, gives them a goal, and then breaks down that goal into steps that make it achievable.

In 2008 Rob set the record (for that year) for sponsoring the most amount of new people in a billion dollar a year company in one month. He reached the highest level in the company in less then a year.

Rob attributes his success to:

  • Great leaders in my organization
  • Great mentors
  • Hard work
  • Always being straightforward

“mynt to me is direct selling done right. It’s cool, fun, funny, and clever. Plus, the community is all about paying it forward. The culture in mynt is already so strong that people just want to be around it. It’s genuine without the hype. It’s based on great people wanting to better their lives.

I choose mynt over a regular 9–5 job because it represents who I am. I love to have fun, laugh, and give back. That’s what mynt is!”

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