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  • "You know what? I used to be embarrassed because kids would tell my Son that his Mom was fat.... it broke me. But thanks to Mynt Products, I am now modeling healthy living, and my Son is proud to have me around... THAT feels better than getting into any size!"
    Jenny LongJenny LongRNutrition
  • "I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be in Mynt, where they encourage you to strive for your goals and do what you're passionate about. My goal is to live closer to the ocean so I can raise a family and teach my kids how to surf, just like how my Dad taught me!"
    Kelly Smith22 Years Old - Mynt Brand Promoter
  • "So I bought my Mom the Core Challenge kit for Mother's Day. She has already has lost 18 pounds and is only half way through the challenge at week 4. She has that extra bounce in her step and has never felt better!"
    Alvin BeaudetteMynt Customer
  • "Mynt allows me to easily help people become healthy and make healthier choices. Also LOVE the fact I can build a Mynt business and start helping others take control of their future! #futurediamond"
    Will FitzgeraldIndependent Mynt Brand Promoter
  • "There are many things that you can't control in this world. The one thing you CAN, is how you choose to take care of yourself. Make THIS the moment that you draw your line in the sand, and say, "I'm going to MAKE myself a priority!" Together... you, me, and the entire CORE community... you're going to take your body to that next level, and permanently achieve your goals."
    Mark MacdonaldMark MacdonaldInternational Nutritionist & Fitness Expert
  • "Mynt has completely turned my life into a lifestyle of fun and eventful activities. I couldn't be more impressed with how their performance enhancing products have really helped shape my day to day life. Can't wait to ride in my #MyntJeep once my business goals are reached! #MyntLife"
    Josiah HealeyIndependent Mynt Brand Promoter

We are MYNT!

We are a dedicated team of mynt founders who work day-in and day-out together to bring anyone who joins our team the tools and training they need to become successful.

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