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Momentum 2014: MORE Project Day of Giving #MyntMoments

Momentum 2014: MORE Project Day of Giving #MyntMoments
Announcing the second annual MORE World Day of Giving through The MORE Project Momentum initiative taking place Saturday, November 1, 2014.The World Day of Giving is our chance as a Mynt/MonaVie family to demonstrate the very essence of our company—a culture of generosity and charity that governs the actions of distributors and employees alike. It’s a day where we ask distributors around the world to:

  • Give a one-time gift to The MORE Project.
  • Make a life-changing difference in someone’s life by sponsoring a child.
  • Get your community involved in the cause and motivate those in your organization to do the same!

How do I get involved?
While the MORE World Day of Giving takes place on Saturday, November 1, we’re actually dedicating the entire month of November to giving back through The MORE Project. Here’s how you can help.

Create or join a Momentum event in your city
Whether it be a big party, a dinner, or simply a hangout with your friends, the important thing is being together for The MORE Project. Involve your family, school, college, friends or coworkers!

Everyone has something to give and there are many ways to help fund-raise:

  • Blitz Call: Call, text or email everyone on your contact list to invite them to the event or simply make a donation.
  • Donate items you own or create to auction off or sell such as art, jewelry, home decor, clothing, professional services, cookies, cupcakes, etc.
  • If you have a business (restaurant, shop, etc.) create a promotion for a portion of the sales of one or more products to be donated to The MORE Project.

Spread the word through social media!
Share your involvement with Momentum 14 and your love for The MORE Project on your social media accounts. “Like,” “share,” and tweet to your circle of influence and use the hashtag #moremomentum14 to share your experience in real time on the Momentum site. Visit to download the graphics and everything else you need for this campaign.
It is our hope to raise $200,000 to continue expanding The MORE Project. This financial goal is critical to our ability to help impoverished children of Brazil break out of the cycle of poverty and violence.

We hope that you will partner with us for this global initiative so that together, we can forever change lives. Together, we can bring MORE Success, MORE Hope, and MORE love.

I'm an entrepreneur looking forward to meeting new people and helping them become successful in building their own business!


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