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CORE Program

The CORE Program

Welcome to the CORE Program! Get a hold of the CORE product line and get into shape. This is your opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people AND to take your body and health to the next level. Join us for this 8 week journey, and create the healthy life that you are meant to live!

The CORE Program is divided up into three phases to optimize your results; Detox, Ignite, and Thrive…

CORE Detox Phase

Week 1 (7 days)


CORE Ignite Phase

Weeks 2–8 (49 days)


CORE Thrive Phase

Weeks 9+ (Recurring 28 days)


The Core Program is designed to transform your health in 8 weeks to make your body and mind a better version than what it is today. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or simply look and feel better, the CORE Program will give you the tools necessary to succeed.

Join Mark Macdonald – New York Times best-selling author, international fitness and nutrition expert, and TV personality – as he takes you through the program (step-by-step and week-by-week) with webinars, coaching tips, and world-class motivation.

CORE Transformation Pack

What the CORE Program Kit comes with ($385 Value):

The entire CORE Program Kit is ON SALE NOW for only $298, saving you $85.00!

To register for and purchase the CORE Program Kit, head on over to the Core online product store.

Then, connect with others on our Facebook group, CORE Transformation Community, for accountability, support, recipes, and fun photos. Go for it!

CORE Program

Join us for this 8-week journey and create the life that you are meant to live!



The CORE Products are the foundation of the CORE Program.