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CORE Products Featured in Mark Macdonald’s New Book

CORE Products Featured in Mark Macdonald’s New Book

The CORE Products are completely featured in, “Why Kids Make You Fat, and How to Get Your Body Back.” The book is written by Mark Macdonald, New York Times bestselling author, nutritionist, and the co-creator of the CORE Program.

One of the top requests from those in our CORE Community has been to have a complete step-by-step resource that leads you through the 8-week CORE Program. A resource that walks you through the DETOX, IGNITE, and THRIVE phases, tells you where to plug-in the CORE products, and answers your key questions.

This book will be available everywhere books are sold on Tuesday, April 28. You can also pre-order it on Amazon

So, why do kids make you fat?

Our children are bundles of joy, but let’s be honest… they do take a lot of time. For most of us, that means less regular workouts and not enough time to prepare healthy meals at home. Even worse for your waistline are those tempting snacks in the fridge and the little extras kids leave on the plate.

Mark knows this firsthand. He gained 35 pounds in the 2 years after the birth of his son. For women, like his wife, Abbi, it is even harder. They have to gain weight with each pregnancy, and then attempt to shed those pounds in the midst of stressful demands from the newborn— and often a severe lack of sleep. But we all face a choice: when we notice those pounds packing on, will we evolve, make changes, and reclaim our health? Or will we allow our health to enter that awful downward spiral?

Believe it or not, it’s possible to reclaim your body, even in the throes of parenting. In “Why Kids Make You Fat… and How to Get Your Body Back”, you will learn about the proven weight-loss program designed for busy parents and much more about the CORE Program.

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