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Eat Clean and Get Lean!

Eat Clean and Get Lean!

Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald kicks off his new Transformation Tuesday segment on HLN. Every week, he’ll feature an inspiring success story of someone who has transformed their body with HLN’s 8-Week Transformation Challenge and our CORE line of products.

You can take control of you health.
Two years ago, mom of two Heather Hartman tipped the scales at 287 lbs. She was frustrated with her repeated weight loss failures and afraid of developing diabetes just like her mother. Wanting more from life, she slowly started taking control of her health and lost an amazing 104 lbs.!

3 biggest game changers for making your health a way of life:

  1. Eating in 3’s. Balance blood sugar by eating every 3 hours with a balance of protein, fat, and carbs.
  2. Keep eating clean. Cut soda, alcohol, and super-processed foods.
  3. Make your exercise an adventure.

Let CORE be a game changer for you.
The CORE product line can help balance your blood sugar with delicious protein shakes and customizable boosts. Learn more about CORE today! Head over to the CORE Transformation Community on Facebook to read more success stories and get inspired.

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