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How To Achieve Your Health Goals

How To Achieve Your Health Goals

Watch this HLN segment with Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald to learn how to create strategies to prevent temptations and diet setbacks. A winning game plan can strengthen resolve and prepare you for victory.

Healthy living is challenging.

Let’s face it—the temptations are always out there. Just as athletes have game plans, you need to have game plans for your health. Here’s three strategies to keep you motivated, focused, and equipped for success.

Strategy 1: Be Proactive & Have the Tools

  • Carve out two hours every Sunday to plan your week of health.
  • Have the right tools: water bottles, clean workout clothes, a cooler.
  • Plan your workouts by setting the days and times for your cardio, strength training, and sporting activities to sync with your schedule.

Strategy 2: Stock Up

Go grocery shopping over the weekend and fill your fridge for the upcoming week. A little preparation (with real foods that you enjoy) can prevent you from scrambling and giving into those fast food moments.

Strategy 3: Make Your Weekly “Off Plan” Meal an Experience

You’ve worked hard all week, so celebrate with an “off plan” meal. Drop the guilt, eat whatever you want, and enjoy it. You’ve earned it. Just make sure you get right back on plan.

Winning with your health truly comes down to your plan.

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