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How To Prevent Workout Burnout

How To Prevent Workout Burnout

Watch this HLN segment with Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald to learn the signs of over-training and three things you can do to prevent workout burnout and get your “exercise mojo” back.

you have the edge and want to push harder.
If you’ve been working out consistently, chances are you’re seeing amazing results. While you may be tempted to increase those workouts, beware of these common exercise signs that could ultimately damage your body and the progress you’ve made.

signs of over-training:

  • Results stopped
  • Decreased motivation
  • Immune system broken
  • Increased aches, soreness

it’s not about doing more. it’s about becoming better at what you do.
The trick is learning to optimize your workouts. The goal is 4–5 days per week, 60–75 minutes per session, followed by consistent recovery times. These three steps will keep your workouts going strong.

prevent workout burnout:

  • Pace Yourself
  • Create Daily “Recharge Moments”
  • Schedule Weekly “Recovery Days”

life is about balance. work, family, and your health.
Too much of a good thing is not great. (Yes, even exercise falls into this category!) You have to keep everything within check. The CORE product line was designed to keep your nutrition in check while you work on your health goals. Click here to learn more about CORE today!

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