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The Better Financial Alternative To Athlete Sponsorship

The Better Financial Alternative To Athlete Sponsorship

I’ve had the honor to be able to work with many sponsored fitness and health professionals in the industry over the years, and one thing that I’ve found is that many of these athletes are not capitalizing financially on their time and talents. I’ve seen it over and over again, where an athlete will accept low payout from a product sponsor and paint themselves into a corner of never maximizing their earnings potential.

There are a variety of ways that a sponsor will reward a sponsored athlete. Some of the most common ways include; paying for competition entry, appearances, free product, cash, and commission through affiliate programs. The problem is, these forms of payment are always capped at a certain amount depending on what the athlete’s value is to the sponsor. The only payment option that really holds no cap is commission made through an affiliate program. But that requires a very high volume of sales in order to make any sort of substantial income. In most cases, the sponsor ends up benefiting moreso, and it can be difficult to negotiate and meet in the middle ground where both parties benefit equally.

So what’s the alternative to making a substantial income without being sponsored?

The answer is… you don’t need a sponsor! If you really want to make a living being a professional with no limit to how much you can earn, then promote and sell your own product. Unless, you simply just have to be sponsored by a certain brand/product simply because of the hype surrounding the name, then perhaps you aren’t serious about maximizing your income.

It is said that over 80% of consumers will purchase and use a product that a health/fitness professional they know recommends to them. The fitness industry is booming into the billions of dollars every year and people as a society are more inclined to care about their well being. There is a fitness and health movement going on right now that is projected to top $60 billion in just nutritional supplements alone by 2021, according to the Nutritional Business Journal.

So throw out the idea that you need a sponsor, and build your own business. If you are already working your butt off promoting someone else’s brand or product, why not maximize that time spent to benefit your financial gain foremost?

We at MYNT offer an all-natural line of high quality CORE Protein Shakes and Boosts that are backed by world-renowned nutritionist, Mark Macdonald. We also have an all-natural lineup of delicious EMV Energy Drinks that taste great, and will have you feeling a cleaner energy without the burnout. The energy drink industry alone in 2013 yielded $7 billion and continues to grow exponentially.

MYNT is a fresh start-up brand backed by a company that has done BILLIONS in sales. Where most new MLM start-up companies fail within their first few years, those who join MYNT are strategically positioned for future success to do what no other start-up company has ever done. You have the opportunity to take advantage of these great products and make them your own. You can promote and build your business based on great products and great people. And we’ll help you do it! That’s the beauty of network marketing and direct-selling through MYNT’s products.

Contact us today, and we can show you a better way to invest your time by building your own business that will benefit YOU foremost. Don’t hold out on yourself, because it’s YOU, the professional, that lends credibility to the product and brand. Start living your life on purpose, and take control of your financial future, today!

I'm an entrepreneur looking forward to meeting new people and helping them become successful in building their own business!


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