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MYNT Culture

The MYNT Culture

When mynt was first created, we knew that the focus needed to be on the community. mynt moments are our humanitarian type deeds and acts. It’s the biggest part of who we are as a company. “You don’t attract that which you want, but who you are.” Compensation plans and products are very important, but culture is more important!

MYNT Moments on Facebook

Join our myntmoments Facebook page, where we help inspire the world to be a better place through random acts of kindness! All deeds are welcome, big or small. Be sure to use hashtags #myntmoments #rak.

The #Hashtags

Here is our guide to using mynt #hashtags via your social channels. Used correctly, they can be very effective!

#mynt #myntnation #myntlife

– Use for any and all mynt posts.

#momynts #myntmoments

– These hashtags are used to tag random acts of kinds, generosity, giving, and get togethers with your team.

#myntproducts #myntapproved

– Use when posting about our CORE Supplements or EMV Energy Drink products.


– Use when posting about anything health and fitness related to our amazing mynt approved CORE and EMV products.