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EMV Jabu Energy Drink Now Available

EMV Jabu Energy Drink Now Available

Promoters and consumers of Mynt Products will now be able to purchase the newest energy drink, EMV Jabu. EMV Jabu has only 60 calories per can, with all the great flavor of the Jabu fruit.

Jabuticaba (Jabu) – Native to South America, The grape-like purple fruit of the Jabuticaba (also known as the Brazilian Grape) grow directly on the trunk of the tree. Jabu means “tortoise” because you will usually find tortoises near these trees eating fruit that has fallen to the ground. Some of the benefits of this fruit include anti-inflammatory properties, high antioxidant levels, and high levels of calcium, iron, and Vitamin C. It is also very low in carbs and calories with a delicious sweet and tart flavor.

EMV Jabu was announced tonight via the Mynt Broadcast, and can be pre-ordered right now. It will be shipped out and available for immediate purchase as of Oct 4th.

Order your EMV Jabu now through our virtual store!

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