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Jeunesse Outlines mynt / MonaVie Merger Over The Next 90 Days

Jeunesse Scott Lewis

Jeunesse Chief Visionary Office, Scott Lewis, outlines in a corporate video announcement what will happen with the mynt / MonaVie acquisition over the next 60 – 90 days. Just under a month ago, it was announced that Jeunesse would be taking over mynt / MonaVie and merging the two brands into their own company.

Here are the highlights about the merger:

  • mynt / MonaVie distributors will be integrated into the Jeunesse award winning back office system and family tree.
  • mynt / MonaVie distributors will be integrated into the Jeunesse compensation plan.
  • The MonaVie brand will be dissolved into the Jeunesse brand. So there will no longer be a MonaVie as a stand alone brand.
  • Jeunesse will still offer the MonaVie products (juice, ect), but new sign up packages will include the Jeunesse products.
  • The mynt brand will remain in the North America market in the U.S. and Canada only. Jeunesse will also begin to offer their current products in the mynt distributor back office as well.

Katy Holt-Larsen, President of mynt markets, assured current distributors in an email that…

“We are also in the midst of creating a comprehensive communication plan that will help you through every stage of the transition.”


“We’re partnering with a company that is experiencing phenomenal momentum. We couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity for our distributors around the world. For the mynt family, there is a ton of potential. And knowing that we will have resources to help support your growth, the possibilities are endless.”

These are definitely exciting times for this major company merger and is now on path to creating one of the most successful partnerships in the direct selling industry. Learn more about mynt and contact us today to get started building your own mynt business!

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