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New CORE Product Packs Now Available

New CORE Product Packs Now Available

To help new customers and promoters take advantage of new product promotions, Mynt has created some new CORE Product Packs that will offer robust cost-saving options and enjoy the following perks:

  • DISCOUNTS on limited time offerings on special fall packs.
  • FREE SHIPPING on initial purchases when enrolling on AutoShip.
  • FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE by enrolling on AutoShip on initial offering of specific packages.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to product promotions and discounts only available to those on AutoShip with the Ignite and Thrive packs.
  • PRODUCT DAY ONE with belly-to-belly purchases through our Detox Placement 4-pack, juice or EMV program.

First up, let’s take a look at the packs designed for initial orders:

CORE Transformation Pack:

CORE Transformation Pack


The best value with the best results achieved are available is the CORE Transformation Pack. Invite all new customers and brand promoters  to enroll on this pack where they can lose up to 5–20 lbs. in only 8 weeks. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to experience the amazing DETOX and body transformation program available today.

  • LIMITED TIME OFFER – Discounted price – maximum discount
  • FREE SHIPPING offer when enrolling on AutoShip

Volume: 200 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $298

Turbo Start Pack:
CORE Turbo Start Pack


If a CORE Transformation Pack is not the right solution for you and you want to jumpstart your first 28 days, your solution is Turbo Start. Enroll with this pack and receive promotional pricing and free shipping when enrolling on AutoShip. Enroll on Ignite for your second month to continue the amazing melt your belly results.

Volume: 130 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $178

Ignite Pack (3-week supply):



Volume: 70 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $99

  • CORE Protein Shake – Double Chocolate
    (1 bags, 28 servings)
  • CORE Boost Burn
    (1 box, 56 capsules)
  • CORE Boost Pro-Bio
    (1 box, 28 packets)

Next up is our packs designed for a trial experience:

Detox Pack:

Detox Pack


Lose your bloat  with our impactful 7-day Detox and lose up to 5–10 lbs. in one week. Enroll on AutoShip on the Ignite pack with your initial order and receive a discounted price and free shipping for life. Stay on Ignite for your second month to continue the amazing melt your belly results.

Volume: 60 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $79

Detox Placement Pack:

Detox Placement Pack


Volume: 200 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $298

EMV Placement Pack:

EMV Placement Pack


Volume: 200 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $298

And finally, here’s the packs designed specifically for AutoShip:

Ignite Pack:

Ignite Pack


Volume: 100 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $147

Thrive Pack:

Thrive Pack


Volume: 60 – Standard/AutoShip Price: $79

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