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Mynt Offers “Vegas On The House” Promotion

Vegas on the house promotion
One of the latest promotions announced via the last Mynt Webinar was “Vegas on the House: Earn mynt Chips & Come to Vegas for Free.” From Saturday, October 11 through Friday, December 12, 2014, North America brand promoters can earn chips (points) on both new product initial orders and AutoShip orders. Once accumulated, these chips can be redeemed for prizes at the No Limit Conference in January!Qualification Requirements:

Initial Orders:
Every order less than 100PV = 1 chip
Every order 101-199PV = 2 chips
Every order 200PV+ = 3 chips

Core Transformation Pack (CTP) = 5 chips
Junior Kit = 6 chips
Senior Kit = 7 chips

AutoShip Orders:
First AutoShip order less than 100PV = 2 chips
First AutoShip Order 101-199PV = 4 chips
First AutoShip Order 200PV+ = 6 chips

Second AutoShip order less than 100PV = 3 chips
Second AutoShip Order 101-199PV = 6 chips
Second AutoShip Order 200PV+ = 9 chips



Note: Once a qualifying brand promoter has earned 5 chips, they unlock level 2 of their PEAR (meaning they can earn chips 2 levels deep in their PEAR for all qualifying activity).

Trade Your Chips for Prizes:
20 chips 1 night hotel at No Limit Conference
40 chips 2 nights hotel at No Limit Conference
60 chips 3 nights hotel at No Limit Conference
65 chips 1 flight
125 chips 3 nights hotel at No Limit Conference + 1 flight
175 chips 3 nights hotel at No Limit Conference + 2 flights


Qualifying brand promoter must personally be:
100PV Active
Enrolled on AutoShip

Cash equivalent of night at hotel is max $149.
Cash equivalent per flight is max $500.


Note: Attendance at the No Limit Conference is mandatory to claim prize. Once qualifiers check in at the conference, then the cash equivalent of their tickets will be added to the next available commission run. Chips are non transferable, and can only be applied against qualifying brand promoters accounts.
“Vegas on the House” Promotion Available To: All U.S. and Canada mynt brand promoters who are in good standing with the company, who are active on 100PV, and is registered in the mynt system as living in the qualifying markets.
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