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Qualify For The Mynt Highlife Event In Las Vegas!

Qualify For The Mynt Highlife Event In Las Vegas!

One of the latest promotions announced via the Mynt Webinar was the “mynt High Life”. From Saturday, April 19 through Friday, December 12, 2014, North America brand promoters can qualify (in 3 different ways!) to attend the mynt High Life event at the No Limit Conference!

Event Qualification Requirements:

  1. Accrue 3000PV in New Personal Enrollment Volume (PC or brand promoter)
  2. Newly Rank Advancement to Gold or higher
  3. Become newly Car Qualified for the first time in the 4×4 program

Leaders Special
For all existing brand promoters who have achieved the rank of Ruby or above, they can qualify via any of the channels listed, OR if they have 4 High Life qualifiers from their PEAR, then they will receive an invitation. Must come from a minimum of 2 separate PEAR lines.


Qualifying brand promoter must personally be:
200PV Active
Enrolled on AutoShip
Kit Qualified

Admission to the event is limited to 1 per brand promotership (2 people)
Qualifying brand promoters must be 200PV active
*Minimum product orders apply

“mynt High Life” Promotion Available To:

All U.S. and Canada mynt brand promoters who are in good standing with the company, who are active on 200PV, and is registered in the mynt system as living in the qualifying markets.

Get started today as a Mynt Brand Promoter and earn your way into the Highlife Event!

I'm an entrepreneur looking forward to meeting new people and helping them become successful in building their own business!


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