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Build Your Mynt Business Using The CORE Health Pro Model

Build Your Mynt Business Using The CORE Health Pro Model

Mynt Corporate has recently implemented the CORE Health Pro model for Brand Promoters to easily go out and reach new health and fitness professionals. The CORE Health Pro model is designed for professionals in the fitness industry; gym owners, trainers, nutritionists, chiropractors, and other health/fitness professionals. It’s a plug-and-play business model that will allow these professionals to easily integrate the CORE Product Series into their businesses, allowing a more robust product service for clientele.

Here are the 3 ways you can partner with Mynt as a health pro:

1. Leverage your brand through affiliate links

As a health pro, you are the expert. Your clients come to you looking for advice about the various products they can use to improve their health. Using your brand to refer your clients through your website, social media channels, ect, you’ll be able to earn money through an affiliate link referral program. Every time someone purchases the CORE products through the links you post, you’ll get paid a percentage on the total sale. These affiliate programs are nice because you don’t have to carry the product and deal with overhead costs. It’s all taken care of for you.

2. Be your own store

Clients and consumers love be able to purchase their product and start using it right away when they need it. If you don’t carry the product they want, they’ll most likely not wait for it to become available and may go someplace else to make the purchase. It is said that 80% of gym and studio goers would purchase products on location if they were available. The problem with keeping products stocked, is there is always not a lot of margin, not being able to markup as much as you’d like, the overhead and up-front costs involved. These can be deterrents for health professionals to sale the products they recommend.

With the CORE Health Pro business model, these problems can be easily alleviated with little upfront costs, and up to 35% margin from wholesale to retail. The beauty here, is that when you sign up as a Health Pro, you also are now a Brand Promoter. So you can now sale to your customers at retail, but then offer them to sign up as a preferred customer so they can get the product at cost. Then they can be signed up to purchase the products they love every month through auto-ship, building residual income for your business.

3. Expand your team

This is where the network marketing aspect of the Health Pro model comes into play. As you begin to build up your clientele selling the CORE products, and as other businesses see how you are beginning to create success through this model, you’ll be able to sign up others to do the same and partner with them. You’ll be able to earn up to 10% bonus on client purchases from other Health Pros that you sponsor, building a robust residual income stream for your business.

To learn more about becoming a CORE Health Pro, check out the website, and contact us today!


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