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Direct Selling Helping Moms Make Money From Home

Direct Selling Helping Moms Make Money From Home

With the rise of the digital age and social media, more people are realizing that it’s easy to make money from home in a booming $30 billion a year direct selling industry. Moms today have the chance to build a business right from the comfort of their home. An option that wasn’t available to them just a few years ago. This is one of the positives of direct selling that mynt strives to enhance as we begin to change the way things are done and how the world views the industry.

Just check out this video report from the NBC Today Show.

mynt utilizes the direct selling model because we believe it provides the best avenue to do 2 things:

1. Connect the brand with consumers. Today, you can’t talk about massive product exposure without talking about social networking. Combine social networking with network marketing and the consumer has the added benefit of connecting directly to a brand promoter or seller. This ultimate combination of online and offline word of mouth marketing is being called “social commerce.” At mynt we create an environment where people can share the products they love and get paid for it!

2. Help others become their own boss. It is our mission to help others live life on purpose, and direct selling is designed to allow others to build their own business. What’s amazing is that successful mynt brand promoters come from all walks of life. Some are professionals, such as doctors, dentists, and educators. They’re stay-at-home moms who are supplementing or replacing lost income. Some have never had the opportunity to go to or afford college, but they have the smarts and tenacity to create a successful business.

They mynt opportunity model works wherever you are and whatever your circumstances. It all hinges on your level of commitment and the amount of work you put into it. Contact us today to learn more and get involved!

I'm an entrepreneur looking forward to meeting new people and helping them become successful in building their own business!


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