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How To Duplicate In Network Marketing

How To Duplicate In Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered how the top professionals are able to duplicate in network marketing and never seem to run out of leads? There is a big misconception in network marketing that may be holding you back from getting results.

The misconception is that all the people you sign up are suppose to become amazing recruiters. One of the biggest complaints of promoters is that when they sign up a new distributor, then that person just ends up not doing anything. So you end up with all sorts of people under you, but they’re not doing anything. Sound familiar? Well, this is not only expected, it’s also very common.

The top earners in network marketing look at a new distributor completely different than an amateur in the business. Amateurs will sign a person up and then they’ll wait. Every now and again they will push their distributor to do something… and they’ll just wait again. That’s what amateurs will do.

Professionals view their new distributor as a doorway to other people, not as a destination. In other words, they’re not expecting that person to do amazing things. If it does happen, then it would be great! But the professionals don’t leave it to chance. They view their new recruit as a doorway to a whole other world that they don’t even realize yet. So when a professional signs someone up, that new recruit’s job is to introduce all of their prospects to him/her. Which also can be more affective because now the new recruit has a third party that can verify the company or product.

The professional will always ask their new recruit, “who can you introduce to me today?” They’ll make a list and figure out together on how to go and connect with those people. If you are frustrated because you are running out of new prospects, all you need to do is sponsor just one person, which all of a sudden can lead to hundreds more. But your job as a professional is to treat your new distributor as a doorway to find, search, and dig to see what you can find inside of their contacts as far as quality new people to come into the business. And then when they come in, they are a doorway too, and so on…

The top professionals in networking will sponsor a person that is a doorway, and will continue to open up the layers of people throughout their down-line till finally they find an amazing prospect. And then that leg goes solid because that person is doing the hard work. This is called the Doorway Principle.



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