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What is MYNT?

What is MYNT?

mynt is a fresh start-up brand backed by a company that has done BILLIONS in sales. A community focused on fitness, helping others make money, having fun, and paying it forward. mynt is about living your life on purpose!

Now is your chance to get involved with this once in a lifetime ground floor opportunity, and become part of the founding team by signing up to be a mynt Brand Promoter.

mynt is not a traditional MLM start-up company. Where most new MLM start-up companies fail within their first few years, those who join mynt are strategically positioned for future success to do what no other start-up company has ever done. mynt is Network Marketing done RIGHT!

What Makes MYNT Different?

• You get to work with an already established billion dollar company, and the opportunity to do so at the ground floor. mynt is in the best position to smash industry records in sales, bonuses, and millionaires made!

• Fueled by our vision to help millions live life on purpose, mynt enables anyone—customers, sharers, promoters, and business builders—to take part in our brand. We’re of the mindset that this is not a do-it-yourself and get-rich-quick project. We believe that together we can create and share experiences that are inspirational, far-reaching, and long-lasting.

mynt Products are all-natural, effective, and backed by Mark Macdonald; International Nutritionist & Fitness Expert, and Author of NY Times Bestseller, Body Confidence. These are time tested products that get REAL results, which are not over-hyped or over-priced.

• mynt has the most robust and advanced business tools and training out of any network marketing company. With a state-of-the-art mobile app, and back end control panel with all the materials you will ever need to get your own mynt business going.

MYNT Business Incentives

• The most generous front-loaded compensation plan in the industry.
– Get paid up to 10 different ways.
– Cut out the middle man.
– Make $1K – $2K with your first 4 recruits.

• Get a new car paid for by the company.

• Products that are backed by science and nutrition experts with a proven system for health and wellness.

• Proven leadership and training – Know exactly how to succeed in this business.

• Timing  – Be one of the first to join this ground floor opportunity!

• TEAMWORK!  Join our founding team and we will give you all the tools to succeed! We will build this with you!

How Do I Get Started?

To get started building your own mynt business, simply fill out our contact form and one of our team members will contact you right away!