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Why join MYNT?


We all need to bring in the money every month to pay the bills. At mynt, we believe there is a better way than slaving away at your regular 9-5 job. mynt provides you with the opportunity to work with an all-natural line of products that enhance an active and attractive lifestyle. Being part of mynt will open up opportunities in your life that you never believed would be possible.

Get fit, make money, help others, and have fun! – that’s our mantra.

When you join mynt you are starting a business that is ready to go. You can get started as a Brand Promoter for as little as $377. A  very low-risk investment. mynt is also an international company, taking you from your local town to a worldwide global reach.

There are several benefits to being part of the network marketing industry, such as; tax breaks, residual income, unlimited income potential, low starting cost, personal development, being part of a team, ect. Who doesn’t like to work from home?

With Mynt, you can be your own boss and obtain financial and time freedom. Take advantage of the booming health and fitness industry. Become part of the network marketing industry success stories!

Read more about the mynt Opportunity and our list of 6 reasons why you should join mynt. Once you are ready to commit to a new and exciting career, contact us. We’ll be sure to get you all the info, tools, and training you’ll need to build your own mynt business, and help build it with you!